Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Stare of the Snow Leopard

I'm drawn to the Snow Leopard each time I visit the Henry Doorly Zoo.  It is a rare and elusive cat that I will never have the opportunity to photograph in the wild.  I'm excited to see it.  I seldom get a good photo of it because it is confined to a relatively small cage that doesn't look anything like a natural environment.  I was pleased with the shot I took today.   I like the stalking pose, the intent look of the eyes and the plain background.  I have no doubt that only the glass wall prevented it from having me for lunch.

The Henry Doorly Zoo improves each year I visit.  Plans for new construction include a much better home for the Snow Leopard.

The Henry Doorly Zoo is home to five African Lion cubs this year.  They didn't stay small long.  Today, they were enjoying some time outdoors.

I could spend hours watching Jellyfish.  It's difficult to capture their beauty with a still photograph.  That didn't keep me from trying - I had a lot of unsuccessful attempts to delete when I downloaded these images.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Start of the Summer in Fontenelle Forest

I broke over a month of absence from Fontenelle Forest with a visit to the wetlands.  All of the vegetation is mature now, so it is easier to hear wildlife than it is to see it.

The Common Whitetail Dragonfly was found by the hundreds.

The House Wren can be heard everywhere. 

This Redheaded Woodpecker is hugging the tree.

This Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly is resting along stream trail.

This  young frog still retains a portion of its tail.

I intend to update this blog each time that I photograph nature.  I'm behind now so some of my entries will be out of sequence as I catch up.